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Myths about sex

We will evolve from giggling about it as a teenager to giving gyan to our friends in the older age.  However, sex is a never ending topic for discussion. Just when you think you’ve aced it you realized that’s not all there is to it. False information about sex is available everywhere. The very nature of the topic of sex is so discouraged from common discussions and so the credibility of information from friends or ignorant people becomes a problem. When looking at such a crucial topic, which affects our lives so deeply, we find that we know so little about it. Even the fact that what we know might not be correct information after all. The fears associated with the myths may sometimes destroy the sex life of individuals and bring rift between the partners.

12 Myths About Sex

 I felt I must make this post a myth buster about sexual practices. We believe, its alright to speak about it, sometimes even make fun of the topic, but its far more stupid to stay ignorant and repent later on. While we must try to understand why things are the way they are and may be work on it to make the best out of our life. In this post we will talk about such 12 Myths about sex. The below inforgraphic will convey precisely those myths and explains the facts with a reasoning. Lets take it as an educative post for adults.

Dubai sex

Sex myths in Dubai

Sex adventure

Dubai Massage and sex

Strip Tease

The Body massage Dubai girls have done sensational Strip Tease for you to enjoy;

So we have decided to add it to the website,  you can view and enjoy the Strip Show:

‘SEXERCISE’ Massage in Dubai

‘SEXERCISE’ IS GOOD FOR YOU!- Massage in Dubai

We have all heard that sex can be an excellent form of exercise. But is it true? Just how many calories does the average session actually burn?- Body to Body massage in Dubai

Well, answers are at hand after a team of scientists created an online tool to measure the amount of calories shed when couples get it on in the bedroom.-Dubai Hotels Massage

It seems that a 30 minute session burns 150 calories, which is the equivalent of a 15 minute jog. –

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The ‘Sex Calculator’ has been designed by, who are an online pharmacy specializing in weight loss and sexual health.-Hotels Massage Dubai

man and woman in kitchen, man holding woman against table

Dubai massage Services States that:

“The sex calculator is a fun tool to give users an estimate of the calories burnt during sex sessions.

“Of course, if you’re going to treat this time together like it’s just a work out, your partner may get a bit offended.

“Having said that, some of the skimpy gym clothes could relate quite nicely in the bedroom.

“Who knows – this calculator could well inspire a whole new wave of bedroom yogas and acrobats!”


Well that all seems a good idea. As a committed runner, I sometimes hate getting up on those cold mornings to put five miles in the tank. Wouldn’t it be better to just stay in bed and get my exercise fix there?

Also, it’s hardly like I need any more excuses to go and see the  Dubai escorts . It also means I wouldn’t be lying to my wife when I say I’m going to work out.

So a big thanks goes out to the scientists at Me, and all the rest of the hot blooded males in Ireland owe you a big thankyou!

Dubai Body to Body Massage Taboo

Body to Body massage is a taboo. Some people love it, but most people say they have no interest or they just don’t want to. I absolutely love Body to body massage in Dubai. It feels great and it is fun, which is what sex is all about.


Woman putting make-up on in mirror

The problem is talking about it. You mention body to body massage in Dubai and you get “it’s dirty”, “it’s painful”, and “it’s just plain wrong”.

I am a firm believer that you should at least try something before you reject it. Try anything once and you know exactly how you feel about it. So, here’s why you should try our Massage in Dubai.


Yes, Body to body massage is a taboo. Doing taboo things is hot and kinky. It makes you feel like you’re breaking all of the rules and that can be a huge turn on.



Woman on all fours on bed wearing lingerie

Many men think that they are in control with body to body massage. This isn’t the case. Women, or the receiver, are the ones in control. We have the power, so treating us with respect and taking your time will make the experience better for you.


I cannot stress enough just how amazing the orgasms are from body to body massage in Dubai. The position means the shaft can rub against the g-spot (which women also have) and that just means you get a more intense orgasm than ever before.

For every horror story about Massage in Dubai, there is a success story. It is better if you form your own opinion on things. It was only last week, while on a date with a Dubai escort, that I tried sea salt ice cream. Despite everything I’d heard, I loved it!

So why not try something new with our supreme body to body massage in Dubai? It might just be the best thing you’ve ever done


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Dubai Massage at Home

Home Massage in Dubai

Dubai Massage at Home

Our Eventful Dubai Massage at home – For a homely experience

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Sensitive Parts Massage

Body Massage in Dubai

Massage in Dubai

The Dubai Massage – Only and only place for a wonderful Sensual Body Massage in Dubai

The Dubai Massage Girls can reach out to the bodies sensitive parts and make a erotic massage to enhance the feeling of sensual massage in Dubai. The Dubai Massage Girls are extra-ordinary in spotting the right place for an incredible massage experience with them. The Massage Girls in Dubai are specialized in making such typical and exotic massages to give the clients a mind-blowing and intimative massage sessions in Dubai Hotels and Apartments.  This auspiscious and authentic massage in Dubai is provided by our first class body to body massage girls who thrive to give the realm of sensuality and love just the way you will experiecnce during sexual relation with your partner. Please give us ring today and get the best erotic massage in Dubai with our wounderful little girls from Asian.  @

Dubai Massage Marina|Dubai Massage Marina|Massage Dubai Marina.

Massage Dubai Marina

Dubai Massage Marina

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