Myths about sex

We will evolve from giggling about it as a teenager to giving gyan to our friends in the older age.  However, sex is a never ending topic for discussion. Just when you think you’ve aced it you realized that’s not all there is to it. False information about sex is available everywhere. The very nature of the topic of sex is so discouraged from common discussions and so the credibility of information from friends or ignorant people becomes a problem. When looking at such a crucial topic, which affects our lives so deeply, we find that we know so little about it. Even the fact that what we know might not be correct information after all. The fears associated with the myths may sometimes destroy the sex life of individuals and bring rift between the partners.

12 Myths About Sex

 I felt I must make this post a myth buster about sexual practices. We believe, its alright to speak about it, sometimes even make fun of the topic, but its far more stupid to stay ignorant and repent later on. While we must try to understand why things are the way they are and may be work on it to make the best out of our life. In this post we will talk about such 12 Myths about sex. The below inforgraphic will convey precisely those myths and explains the facts with a reasoning. Lets take it as an educative post for adults.

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